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Sales Department

At c-Systems Software, Inc., our guiding philosophy has always been to provide cutting-edge business management solutions that serve our clientele and help make their businesses more efficient and profitable.

Whether you are in need of a new business management system, researching a replacement for your current system or an existing customer desiring to upgrade and see the advanced technologies available with our new Infinity product, our professional sales staff is available to assist and help evaluate your needs.

National Sales Manager Ron Tate Heather Riebold Western Regional Sales Manager Rick Belt Eastern Regional Sales Manager Ned Gardner
Ron Tate
National Sales Manager
Heather Riebold
Sales Administrator
Rick Belt
Regional Sales Manager
Ned Gardner
Regional Sales Manager

Please contact us at sales@csystemssoftware.com or 800-334-3114 for more information or to schedule a personalized demonstration by one of our regional sales managers.

Customer Support

If you are a c-Systems customer in need of product support, please log in above or contact us:

817-649-3100 7 a.m.-6 p.m. CST weekdays
support@csystemssoftware.com 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST Saturdays

Support Department

To reach any of the following c-Systems personnel by email, click their name.

Krystal Green - Infinity Customer Service Manager Mark Matthews - Enterprise Product Development
Adam Zaayer - Softpower Customer Service Manager Brian Sorensen - Hardware Configuration
Joel Boyd - Enterprise Customer Service Manager Stan Green - Documentation
Kathy Fanning - Accounts Receivable Paul Collette - Hardware Procurement
Tim Embree - Manufacturer Pricing Robert Dinser - Warehouse

For system operations, error messages, software and hardware problems and future enhancements, contact us at support@csystemssoftware.com.


c-Systems offers the convenience of web-based training*, from basic instruction to advanced for more experienced users. We also offer in-house training at our facility* in a casual classroom setting or on-site training at your location.**

To request an online training session, complete the form below.

For other inquiries, please contact training@csystemssoftware.com.
* Free to c-Systems customers on a paid support plan
** Fee-based. For a quote, contact our support department

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Payment Processing Solutions

c-Systems offers payment processing for all of our business management systems* with no associated fees.**

**Normal transaction fees apply.

Our solutions can be used by any business that accepts cards and employs a traditional bank terminal.

Credit Cards


  • Process payments directly from your business system
  • Provides secure transactions
  • Processes quickly
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Can lower processing rates
  • Reduces keying errors




Merchant Services Brochure

More Information

Red Flags Rule: Website | Rules
PCI Compliance: Overview
PCI Assure: Website | Information

IRS Tax Identification Number
July 2013 News from OpenEdge
Operations Bulletin

Merchant Services


c-Systems’ Credit Card Processing Solutions are:

Fast. Cards are approved within 2-3 seconds.

Simplified. The “time initiated” feature automatically settles an existing batch of transactions at a designated time of day.

Secure. Take comfort in knowing that all your customer data will be encrypted and sent securely, reducing the burden of PCI Compliance.

Best of all, our XCharge® Interface, OpenEdge’s and ChargeItPro processing software are FREE and require no monthly support fees!


More Information

Allied Merchant Service Providers

XCharge Credit Card Processing

If you are interested in adding credit card processing to your c-Systems business management system, or if you would just like more information on how to get started, click the button below and fill out the form.

Please Contact

Kathy Fanning

Merchant Services Coordinator



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